LEED Platinum Campus

 West Memorial Place is committed to creating a healthy, sustainable work environment. The design of this LEED Platinum campus minimizes energy costs and reduces environmental impact while fostering efficiency and tenant productivity.

Indoor Environment

Exterior glass curtain wall reduces heat gain to the building as well as provides abundant natural light and stunning exterior views.


The integrated building monitoring system combines all information into a single system that is monitored 24/7, resulting in meaningful time savings for tenant requests and building management.

Energy Efficiency

Pre-cooling the air with an Energy Recovery Wheel before it goes through mechanical systems requires less energy to cool the building. Daylight harvesting systems generate energy efficient garage lighting, while motion sensors save energy.

Inventive Solutions

The Demand Control Ventilation System uses CO2 sensors to ensure energy is not wasted by monitoring and regulating the amount of fresh air used depending on the occupancy level.